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Sunday, 17 July 2016



We all have bucket lists, things we would like to do, achieve, see, experience. Some are easier to tick off than others. Some are going to be much trickier and really stretch the wallet and the commitment to get it done. 

My list is really just in my head, I have never committed it to paper. It is swirling around like vapour, but a few are constant. 

The 50th in Jamaica, the desire to be in Paris again but with my kids and hubby, to go to Antarctica and hang out with penguins.

One of them, granted, not quite as exciting, and more achievable, was to get to Sydney Opera House and see an Orchestra play.

And others include seeing live bands that are special to me, usually because of special moments I shared with their songs. And yep, lucky me, I have seen some of them - 
The B52's, Bowie, The Specials, The Eurythmics, The Cure, Suzanne Vega, Violent Femmes, Pet Shop Boys, PIL...

There was one missing from my list.
New Order. I listened to them in times of teenage angst and in my 20's travelling and finding myself. On cassettes, in my Walkman no less!

So can you imagine my UNBRIDLED JOY AND WOOOHOOOOO when some dear friends bought us tickets to see them last month... at the Sydney Opera house, with the Australian Chamber Orchestra... and during the Vivid festival too? Seriously deliriously happy.

lights, colour, action

So it happened. There I was, with friends and hubby, in the Opera House, all senses heightened. They came on, it started, music, light, sound. And the tears started. Just slowly rolling down my cheeks.

A bit emotional and overwhelmed. Quasi-religious, spiritual and brilliant. Life affirming. 

There was dancing, lots of dancing, and sweat, as my friends and I could no longer sit still in our seats, and we found a place to throw ourselves around our handbags. We laughed and screamed, and sang our hearts out. They played the hits, they played the new, they belayed the obscure. And we loved them all.

All around us, peeps were swaying, clapping, in sheer ecstasy of experience. And it occurred to me, that with all the difficulties and life and bad news on telly, all the shit that can happen, that THIS was a reminder of how magical humans can be. How we can create, and  be amazing. I kept thinking, we work hard, we strive, so we can have moments like these. And I was so grateful. 

Sydney Harbour bridge looking pretty

Aren't they just great.These moments we can cross off our list, experiences we can aim for.  

Big fat juicy moments of HAPPY happiness. Bring them on I say. Big ones,little ones,surprise ones, planned ones...random ones. Any of them. WOOHOOO! 

Vivid Opera House

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