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Saturday, 23 July 2016



 As time goes by...

My son is 16. My baby boy. My first born. The one the doctors told me I would probably never have. The one the told me I had miscarried in all likeliness. The one I had a ruptured placenta with at 32 weeks and was born a month early as a tiny 6 pound little skinned rabbit. The one who is now 6ft 3, towering over me, feet like Russian container ships, hair growing in all sorts of places. The one with attitude and mood swings and driving lessons.

Baby Fynn and Me

Little Fynn

Fynn now, 16 and a half


A few months ago I had a birthday... not a huge milestone one, but half way between 2 big ones. 

And I was stoked to get some fluffy puppy dog slippers. 

I spend too much time swooning over storage spaces in magazines, thinking about cushions and doing things to my house and garden. I buy plants and get excited. A good night is one with cheese and crackers, a DVD, a fire and lounging on our big sofa curled up next to hubby. I am finding hairs in weird places, and gravity is an issue for all sorts of body bits.

But hold on, HOLD ON! I am not a grown up. Really! HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!

My hubby and I have been together over half our lives. Since we were teenagers. We no longer listen to JJJ but Radio National. I still say VIDEO, and actually buy DVD's and CD's. I just like to. I like reading books, not kindles. I am not on Snapchat or Twitter, and technology generally floors me totally. I do not do coding or encrypting or anythnig like that. I have lived through fashions that have come back, ones that were trendy when I was a kid. I have a white picket fence and 2 4WD's.

Our family of 4

Our family of 5

Yes, I am an old fart.

I still have a walkman and actual cassette tapes. My hubby and I love our turntable and vinyl. And boy did we laugh like jackasses when our kids clustered around us watching us use it for the first time fascinated and then when we turned over the record playing, they were totally freaked out. IT HAS 2 SIDES!!!!! Where is the rewind button? WEIRD.

Ye Olde cassette tapes

Yes, there are so many signs. The truth is out there. No point swimming up the big African River (De old joke...). I am aging.

Yes, last month I had a birthday. Another one. And I do not mind one little bit. Because I got fluffy puppy slippers. And a new DVD. And some plants. And a beautiful card, hugs and even a kiss from my 16 year old baby boy. Bloody ace! No too bad really.

My fluffy puppy slippers... sneaking into a photo of one of my artworks

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