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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

COLLECTOR GUILT... collector, bowerbird, gatherer, grouper, classifier

 leaves from the garden

 green sewing bits and pieces

 feathers collected while out walking

 sea glass collected

 vintage glasses from farm auction

 thrifted retro coloured glasses

 thrifted knitting needles

book collection..a teeny bit of! 

 KLM Dutch houses

 collected wool and cottons
black and white jewellery

                                                                         button love

collector and bowerbird , gatherer, grouper, classifier

So...asked by the lovely Karen, of   LEAF and PETAL (LINK to it!) to think about doing a post about collecting..if you are a collector...My ears pricked up, my pulse raced. That's me! I was sure that in my stash of photos I would find some pics of my various collections, that I could contribute to this linky-party.
And really was not too much of a surprise...I really had to think..not what CAN I find to put in this post, but what could I EDIT OUT!

Yes, it is true...I am confessing...I am collector, bowerbird, gatherer, grouper, classifier.

(motto:Why have one when you can have three?)

I just like groups.And I have a place for them all. They ARE not random, they are curated.Claims of hoarding...I dismiss...because I want them to look nice, not just gathering dust in some smelly corner or box.

(That's my story, and I am sticking to it.) 

I like to think they are charming.
Most may not. makes me happy. And most of them have cost a pittance.So..I do not think this will desist anytime soon. 

I mean, I come from a parental gene pool that collects 
beer bottles, 
plastic bags from overseas trips, jewellery, 
spoons and blankets liberated from airlines,
(see below photo) 
South East Asian antiquities,
 posters and books from art exhibitions, 
Acupulco dinnerware(YEAH!),
WW2 model kits,
converse sneakers, 
nice glass,
elephant motif things, 
National geographics and various other magazines, 
zoo memberships,
(as they go on their travels around the globe, as they continue spending their money but my inheritance) ....

...well I think you get the idea!

                                  Mum and Dad's magnets..some of!

So....there you have it...just a teeny-tiny-eensy-weeny-little bit of some of my collections.And perhaps the reason I may do so...(FREUD? nature, nurture?) 

Enjoy..because I do!

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