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Monday, 10 March 2014


Having a Humble Cuppa

AAAH....The cuppa. Tea. Cofffe. Herbal. Chai, Chicory. Citrus infused with the essence of freshly picked (by virgins) organically grown  lavender buds. A Bushells. Whatever your poison.

The boiling of the kettle, the soothing clinky-tink of the spoon in the teacup or mug. So good.

 I had not really realised how much the cuppa had INFUSED (bad pun) my creative little urges, till I had reason to look in my albums to put a pic to this post. Then..found this little cache.Yes, all images and art by me. So, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

But just in case you were wondering...creative, woman, country-living, urban bred, cheese-lover.Op-shop thrifting fanatic. Instagram mad. NZ lover. Dreamer, procrastinator. 

And...yes, I love a good cuppa.

What's that? Kettles boiled. 
Gotta go.

                                                                  instagram 2014

                                                            doodling on my Samsung phone 2013

                                                                 instagram 2013

                                                                  instagram 2013

                instagram 2013

                                             op-shop found doily, complete with tiny teacup on top

         instagram 2013

                                                                having a cuppa in Orange, Byng St. cafe

                instagram 2013

                            little sewn watercolour, from exhibition, 2013

                                                                        instagram 2013

                               sketching my cuppa..taking a line for a walk, 60 second a cafe

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