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Saturday, 15 March 2014


                  9 Raindrops, watercolour, silver thread sewn collage 2013


Nothing beats it, the sound of that rain my 100 year old tin roof. The grey skies, all moody and atmospheric. The smell of wet and damp, with me and mine inside, warm and dry. Droplets on the window, jumping about with a life of their own. Under the doona, snug and ohhh so toasty..when its cold...or cool and reviving when it is hot. 
It makes my pulse race and my heart fill. I do not know why. Was I born in a rainstorm? Conceived in one?

I know it can be destructive. I know the sweetness of rain can become malevolent. But...just as some love the sun and the heat...for me it is rain.

          Raindrops watercolour, sewn collage 2013

It even makes me get creative...the old tight in the gut fizzy tingles of GOTTA MAKE.And my main squeeze would say I am also much more  ...wink wink, nudge nudge, "affectionate"...when it rains.
It is grey today. A few spits and splutters of rain. Grey skies.

    Small Cloud, watercolour and sewn work, 2013

So come on now...come on rain. Make my day, break it on down now, pour forth and make my plants grow, make puddles and rivulets in the pathways, and the washing go damp.You know you want to...just so I can say...

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